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Soil Preparation

Veda Farming Vibrating Subsoiler prepares the land by infusing air into the soil to increase drainage without changing the composition of the soil.
Veda Farming’s high-tech tillers are a significantly less expensive option for soil preparation and are ideal for wetter or challenging soil conditions.
There is nothing better for wet conditions than Veda Farming’s Freeland Rotary Plow. It mixes organic matter into extremely wet or dry soil better than any other conventional plow while increasing oxygenation and seed germination, improving drainage and eliminating hardpan.
Veda Farming’s arc-frame subsoiler (the Hercules Mega) combines a ripper and disk to prepare the land after the harvest and before the next crop. The arc-frame design and the unique configuration of tines renews and mixes the soil and debris efficiently to a depth of 3’11”.
These machines work in high speeds. Have hydraulic variable working width, hydraulic memory control. Are easy to transport. Reversible Plows have a reversible security pin.
Even in the hardest soil and stony conditions, a Veda Farming Power Harrow creates a perfect seed bed using 50%-70% less passes than an old-fashioned disc harrow
Save time and fuel while protecting the land from unnecessary compaction by adding a Veda Farming Bed Former to reduce the number of passes across your field.
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