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Shredder TRP is provided with a pick up device that packs up the prunin residue, by lifiting and carrying them inside the mulching chamber to be shredded and afterwards distributed on the ground.
This multi-purpose and sturdy mulcher is “side-shiftable” using a parallelogram arm that makes it ideal for maintaining roadsides, lawns, parks and gardens.
SDS Series uses a patented innovation to help keep trees healthy with just one pass of this multifunctional mulcher.
Veda Farming’s RM-S multi-purpose mulcher is the heaviest-duty RM model and is perfect for larger farms that have a lot of post-harvest debris like straw, maize stalks, sorghum beet leaves, potato leaves, grass, cotton, sunflower stubbles and rice straw.
Veda Farming’s RM 450 shredder is a multi-purpose mulcher, perfect for a larger farm’s open field cultivation, (e.g. straw, cotton, rice, corn, beet, cauliflower or tomatoes) and any operation with a large amount of post-harvest debris.
Veda Farming’s multi-purpose BNU mulcher is smaller and more flexible, making it equally effective in the orchard or in open field cultivations, by simply changing the equipment. Fitted with a hinged tailboard that can be opened for certain applications, it is ideal for shredding wood, large vine shoots, kiwi, straw, beet and potato leaves, artichokes, corn, grass etc.
Available with a hydraulic offset, the dependable, BKE Super mulcher handles variable slope conditions with ease and is perfect for shredding grass, wood stalks, bushes, and vines. Also ideal for ongoing maintenance of large grassy areas, fallow lands, meadows and parks.
Veda Farming’s BK Series of multipurpose mulchers has a broad range of options and is ideal for green space maintenance. These sturdy, dependable mulchers shred grass, leaves, and vegetable residue between rows or across the whole field.
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