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Ripper Disk Combination

Veda Farming’s arc-frame subsoiler (the Hercules Mega) combines a ripper and disk to prepare the land after the harvest and before the next crop. The arc-frame design and the unique configuration of tines renews and mixes the soil and debris efficiently to a depth of 3’11”.

Superior engineering gives the frame exceptional resistance and strength while keeping the machine very light weight to reduce power requirements. The combination of the ripper and disc is normally so heavy and slow that other subsoilers require much heavier tractors and a higher investment cost to do the same job. The Veda Farming approach strengthens each implement efficiently so that the machine is faster and easier to pull with tractors rated at only 150-280 hp. This means you only need a Veda Farming Mega to prepare the land without having to also buy an enormously expensive tractor to pull it.

Another key advantage of the Hercules Mega is its shank safety pin and shank protection that prevents damage from soil obstacles and normal wear and tear. The 20 mm safety bolt on each tine ensures high durability and resistance even in the most difficult working conditions, while the particular shape of the tines (adjustable in all positions) makes the Hercules Mega ideal for deeply working the dirt to facilitate good drainage and subsequent processing. Each Hercules Mega has a rear disk with hydraulic control and is simple and easy to maintain.

Contact Veda Farming today for a free evaluation of your specific project needs. Veda Farming wants you to be confident you have the right implement for the job. We back that up with a free demonstration right on your field. Take the guess work out of selecting the right implement by testing a Veda Farming solution where it matters most—on your field.(831) 783-1123.

Chisel with Disc 220-RDP-5-3-T
1,124 lbs
Working Width
87 in
Working Depth
20 in
The main feature of the Hercules Mega is its safety bolt of 20 mm. The special arc-frame eases the outlets of the ground in movement, allowing maximum


6,393 lbs
Disk Working Depth
Working Width
Shank Depth
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